Top 10 ATV Helmets Buyers Guide

If you love trying out new experiments once you feel the urge to cool off and just have fun, you must be thinking along the lines of going for the ATV bikes.

However, before you get welled up with extreme excitement, you must first make a reasonable point of weighing the options correctly so you don’t end up making a grievous mistake at the end of the day.

One exceptional advantage of the top ATV bikes is that you can easily cruise through very challenging trails without the fear of failing at the end.

For that reason, top notch ATV helmets will come in handy to save you the stress of inconveniences while riding. Also, you need to ensure that the helmets are certified so you don’t fall afoul with legality. Most importantly, make sure that the helmet you choose is of high-quality, designed with utmost creativity and skill to give you nothing short of a totally refreshing experience.

Here are the top 10 ATV helmets currently calling the shots in the market space.

  1. Flat Black Dual Hybrid Helmet

The Flat Black Dual Hybrid Helmet is certainly one of the best ATV helmets topping the market scene. In addition, its D.O.T approved meaning you can buy the helmet without fretting over getting into trouble with the legal enforcers. Its light weight saves you the cumbersome nature of extreme weight that may come in the way of your escapades, limiting your best moments as you refresh your mind and muscles. In fact, with the Flat Black Dual Hybrid helmet, your protection is undoubtedly guaranteed. This owes to the face shield that is well designed with anti-fog features to keep you off high-magnitude impacts that may cause you deadly injuries if you aren’t keen enough.




It also has a lightweight shell that’s hardy to boost the longevity of the helmet a great deal. The removable and washable interior gives you a great opportunity to keep cleaning the helmet once dirt finds its way through. This handily keeps off the disease-causing germs that are detrimental to your health. The intake and exhaust vents go a great length in facilitating the inflow and outflow of air in the helmet to prevent the buildup of humidity that may interfere with your interesting ride.

This helmet is undoubtedly great.


  1. Youth Off-road Gear Combo Helmet

The Youth Off-road Gear Combo is a top rated youth helmet worth your consideration.

If you’re youthful with tons of energy burning up within you, then this is certainly your best catch. It’s well designed with top-notch features to work in your favor while riding. To begin with, this helmet comes along with a full package of goggles and gloves to strike comfort into your ride. Youth-Offroad-Gear-Combo-Helmet-Gloves-Goggles-DOT-Motocross-ATV-Dirt-Bike-MX-Motorcycle-Blue-Black-Medium-0-480x429-minYou can have all these things at a pocket-friendly price, underpinning that you don’t necessarily have to hand over a tremendously huge wad of cash to begin tapping into limitless fun. Its removable and washable liner offers very much in the way of tidiness and cooling the helmet once there’s extreme heat.


  1. New D.O.T Approved Youth Blue Flame Helmet

The New D.O.T Approved Youth Blue Flame Helmet is greatly designed with high-quality materials that go a great length in boosting their longevity as well as hardiness. To start off, this helmet is D.O.T approved, insinuating that you won’t have to worry about anything while using it since you’re on track when it comes to the legal standards stipulated.New D.O.T Approved Youth Blue Flame Helmet-min

In addition, it comes along with goggles and gloves with ports that provide enough space to accommodate them.

Its light weight handily saves you the daunting trouble of having to slow your speed in order to move comfortably. Further, its composite shell does a great deal in boosting the durability of the helmet. Also, the shell spices up the interior by making it comfortable, thanks to the heavy cushioning design. The removable and washable padding paves way for cleanliness.

It’s well vented to speed up the inflow and outflow of air to prevent the buildup of moisture in the helmet.

New D.O.T Approved Youth Blue Flame Helmet1-minThis is certainly one of the best youth helmets available.


  1. Wow Motocross BMX Youth Helmet

As its name sounds, the Wow Motocross BMX Youth Helmet is certainly wow. It’s one of the best youth helmets available. Its lightweight is very convenient for a wild youth with a profound love for biking in favorite trails. The removable and washable pads offer very much in the way of cooling the helmets after usage as well as flushing out bacteria that may cause diseases to you the rider while honing your riding craft.

Wow Motocross BMX Youth Helmet1-minIts aerodynamic thermoplastic shell is made up of top quality materials that contribute highly to its longevity so you won’t have to start looking back and regretting once the warranty expires. Nonetheless, owing to the fact that it’s DOT approved, you won’t undergo the rigours of fretting over falling over on the wrong side of the law.

  1. AFX FX-21 Alpha Helmet

The AFX FX-21 Alpha Helmet is a reflection of its name, thanks to the fact that it’s one of the top-rated helmets already in the market. It weighs only 2.95 pounds, thanks to the composite-ploy alloy in the body. The aerodynamic shell offers very much in the way of enhancing the ventilation so you don’t get distracted by the buildup humidity as you cruise through the off road. You’ll definitely have a comfortable ride.afxfx21_multi2_helmet_atv_helmet

Since it meets the threshold of the ECE and DOT standards, you shouldn’t worry about getting busted with an illegal product since the manufacturers had this fact in mind. The protective layers of the helmet made from antimicrobial iron include a moulded ultra-weight cone head and a square D-ring at the chin strap.


The vents all around the side, forehead, and rear of the helmet pave way for the inflow and outflow of excess air that may destruct you as you enjoy your great ride. This helmet is definitely worth your shot.

  1. Thor Verge Pro Circuit Helmet

The Thor Verge Pro Circuit is yet another top notch helmet that will undoubtedly do unimaginable wonders for you as you enjoy your ride. The well-designed vents come in handy to enhance the flowing-in of air and outflow as fast as possible so that you have a refreshing ride all through without reeling under a lot of discomforts as you ride at a neck breaking speed on your preferable trail.



The vents work effectively owing to the well-designed EPS liner that’s channeled correctly to facilitate the cooling process as well as ventilation so the helmet doesn’t develop extreme heat. In fact, the liner handily wicks away heat and extends all the way to the chin bar.Thor_Verge_Pro_Circuit_Helmet-min

You’ll actually realize that the temperature conditions will be regulated all over the helmet. The helmet, manufactured from Kevlar and composite fiberglass certainly meet the requirements of professional racing. Nonetheless, you don’t have to part away with lots of cash since you’ll only need to save a few bucks to be able to purchase this great helmet for your ultimate benefits.

With this long lasting helmet, you’ll definitely not find yourself regretting, blaming yourself for making a wrong decision since it’s worth the shot.


7.Bell MX-9 Adventure

The Bell MX-9 Adventure is definitely one of the best helmets in the market space, thanks to its high-quality features attributed to the manufacturers and designers.

The removable visor makes your work easier giving you the chance to have it cool off in case of heated up temperatures that may spiral out of control if something isn’t done hastily.

The sizeable face shield offers very much in the way of your protection since nothing dangerous will get to your eyes. In fact, once anything goes out of control, rest assured you’re in safe hands with this incredibly amazing helmet.

bell_mx9_adventure_helmet_zoom-minThe adjustable mouth vent, as well as EPS liner with a chin bar completed with a D-ring, come in handy to facilitate the flowing of air in and out of the helmet so you don’t have a hard time cruising. In addition, the removable and washable liner saves you the dangers of getting into contact with dangerous disease-causing bacteria that will hugely alter your career or hobby as a rider. Finally, the polymer shell which is available in 3 sizes is well designed with a light weight that you can handle without buckling under tremendous strain. It’s simply a justifiably great ATV helmet right within your reach.


  1. Scorpion VX-35 Solid

The Scorpion VX-35 Solid Helmet is one of the best four wheeler helmets to give a try. It’s designed
with utmost passion and creativity so you may have a totally rejuvenating experience while riding on your off-road terrains. Scorpion VX-35 Solid’s low weight bicarbonate shells goes a great length in reducing your strains since you can easily have a smooth ride without parting away with huge tons of energy.




A heavy helmet will make your head feel heavy, increasing the chances of you getting tired while enjoying your ride.



The EPS liner that extends to the chin bar plays a major role of keeping your helmet cool so you don’t get troubled by excess moisture or upsurge of humidity that will tarnish your experience and probably make you reconsider your hobby. To enhance fast ventilation, there are 3 intake vents just above the eyebrow. Also, the large scoop at the top with five exhaust vents handily flushes out excess air from the helmet so you don’t end up with gasping for breath due to insufficient fresh air. Also, the helmet keeps off mod and sunlight from your face, thanks to the peak extender.


  1. Fly Racing Kinetic Inversion Dirt Bike Offroad Helmet

The Fly Racing Kinetic Inversion Dirt Bike Off-road Helmet is one of the best kids ATV helmets specifically designed with great features to take on the most challenging off-road trails.Fly_Racing_Kinetic_Inversion Dirt_Bike_Offroad_Helmet-min

Its poly alloy shell is made up of very strong poly materials that make the shell hardy, boosting the longevity a great deal. The removable liner and extended check pads give you the opportunity to remove them once dirt build ups so you can wash and cool them off. The ten massive vents aligned with EPS channels handily facilitate the inflow and outflow of air in the helmet so you don’t have a hard time cruising through your favourite trails.



In fact, it makes it a walk in the part since you’ll not end up sweating heavily at the end of the day. The dual density EPS liner is made up of two layers; one light and one hard layer that go a great length in protecting the rider by preventing impact absorption. You’ll therefore not fret over getting involved injuries after unavoidable accidents. In addition in matters legality, this ATV helmet is on point, thanks to the fact that its D.O.T approved. You won’t at all fall afoul with the legal enforcers.


  1. Fly Racing Kinetic Jungle Helmet

The Fly Racing Kinetic Jungle Helmet is yet another kid sized helmet that’s well designed for high-quality performances.

To start off, this kids ATV helmet is D.O.T approved, underpinning that it’s designed in accordance with the legal standards making it available for usage by riders without the fear of apprehension. Secondly, the poly alloy shell, made up of high strength poly materials offer very much in the way of making the shell hardy and therefore very durable. The washable and removable not only gives you the chance of regularly cleaning the helmet so you get rid of dangerous bacteria but enhances the durability of the helmet as well.




Further, its 10 massive vents that work in alignment with the EPS channels facilitate the intake and outflow of air to prevent the upsurge of moisture that may make you uncomfortable while riding at a high velocity. Also, the hi-flow mouthpiece gives the helmet a classy feel and enhances ventilation as well. With the Fly Racing Kinetic Jungle Youth Helmet, you don’t really have to fret over digging deeper into your pockets.



To wrap up, if you’re on the lookout for a high-quality ATV helmets, it’s certainly evident that these helmets are gracing the market space. The ball is therefore in your court since it’s all up to you to throw in the dice and decide which helmet works best for you. These four wheeler helmets are ideal for your wildest escapades.

Don’t allow your decision to deal you the wrong cards by choosing a top rated helmet that best suits your interests.

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