Best Fox Racing Dirt Bike Helmets review

Fox Racing is undoubtedly a refreshing activity to give a shot. Not only is it unique, but a great source of entertainment to a whole horde of the fox racing enthusiasts as well. In fact, for you to have an easy time cruising through your favorite trails, you certainly have to make a good choice of attaining splendid fox racing helmets that are well designed so you don’t get inconvenienced. All you have to do is jet straight into the online domain to toggle through the product features before you go for it in person.

Once you make sure that the price, as well as workability of the fox racing helmets, suits you, you can go ahead to make your choice. Currently, there are quite a number of great fox racing helmets online worth your shot, thanks to their high-quality features that do keep up with the fast-paced technological advancement.

Here are some of the best motocross helmets you can consider giving a shot. The fox dirt bike helmets are calling the shots in the market domain.


          1.Fox V1 Matte Helmet

The Fox V1 Matte Helmet is a top helmet designed with amazing features enabling it to serve its very purpose appropriately.

To start off, the multiple 7 intakes and 4 exhaust vents offer very much in the way of facilitating the inflow and outflow of air to prevent the upsurge of moisture that may cause discomfort to the rider. You can, therefore, move at a supersonic velocity without fretting over slowing down due to troubling conditions. Further, its injection moulded polycarbonate shell is an assurance that the fox helmet is hardy, underpinning that its longevity is long. Its 4 EPS sizes and 3 Shell sizes are ideal for a precise fit.


The dual density EPS liner is ideal for the cooling of the helmet once the hot temperatures begin getting out of hand so you don’t reel under strains while enjoying your ride. You can easily carry it along with you, thanks to its 5 pounds light weight. Nonetheless, when it comes to legality, the Fox Racing V1 Matte Helmet is evidently on point owing to the fact that it surpasses the Snell 2010 as well as DOT standards. This gives you confidence that you’re not off the legality track, meaning you won’t at all be troubled while having fun. This is definitely an ideal for this fox dirt bike helmet.


  1.  Fox V3 SECA Ken Roczen Limited Edition Helmet

The Fox V3 SECA Ken Roczen Limited Edition Helmet is a great fox racing helmet if you’re earnestly on the lookout for a high-quality helmet. This incredibly amazing fox racing helmet keeps abreast with advanced technology that spices up its appearance as well as the workability of the well-designed features. Nonetheless, when it comes to air flow, this fox racing helmet has it all, thanks to the 14 intake and 4 exhaust vents that enhance the inflow and outflow of air to prevent the buildup of excess humidity that may cause you discomfort while enjoying your ride.




In addition to that, with this helmet, your safety is guaranteed with the MIPS(multi-directional impact protection system) that will definitely keep you off dangerous impacts that cause grievous harm. The Dual density Expanded Polystyrene Liner keeps the helmet cool. In matters standards, the Fox Racing V3 SEGA Ken Roczen Limited Edition Helmet is ideal since it exceeds the DOT and ECE certifications, branding it legal for sale and usage. This helmet is definitely ideal for your wild escapades, thanks to the great features.


  1.   Fox V3 Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet

As its name sounds, the Fox V3 Star Wars Boba Flett Helmet has successfully wielded its sword in the market space, proving to be one of the best helmets available. Made of composite technology construction, this helmet is undoubtedly made up of nothing short of high-quality. The 14 intake vents work hand in hand with the 4 exhaust pipes to facilitate the inflow and outflow of air in the helmet to give you the rider a refreshing experience. In addition, with this bike, the DOT and ECE standards are met meaning you won’t hop off the legal circles and get into trouble.





Also, its Dri-Lex hi-tech comfort liner fabric handily gets rid of moisture so you have a totally smooth ride. Its softer inner foam works hand in hand with the outer foam to reduce the forces of impact by widening the energy dispersal area. The multi-directional protection system is specifically designed to reduce the friction between the EPS and comfort liner to reduce the effects of the impacts caused so you’re safe. Although this helmet is quite expensive, it certainly deserves following the advanced features made up of top notch technology.

It’s definitely the best bet for your wild endeavours always. The V3 Star wars is a great fox racing dirt bike helmet.


  1.   Fox Grav Helmet

The Fox Grav Helmet is yet another incredibly exceptional helmet gracing the market space.fox_racing_v3_grav_helmet_blue_zoom-min

The three shell and 4 EPS sizes are well designed to appropriately fit. The 9 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents come in handy to enhance optimum airflow so you don’t undergo any troubles while undertaking your favourite racing escapade. In addition, this helmet comes in a variety of colours, insinuating that you have the opportunity to freely choose which colour works best for you.2017-Fox-V1-Helmet-Grav-BlackPink-min

The colours include black, blue and pink. Furthermore, the injection moulded polycarbonate construction does a great deal to facilitate the durability of the helmet so you don’t undergo the rigours of replacing it every time things go wrong. Also, its price is pocket-friendly so you don’t have to hand over a tremendously huge wad of cash to enjoy the helmet. Nonetheless, the Fox Racing Grav Helmet exceeds both the ECE and DOT standards; giving you the opportunity to blamelessly enjoy your ride with no risks whatsoever of illegality.


  1.   Fox Youth V3 Divizion Helmet

The Fox Youth V3 Divizion Helmet is definitely one of the best bests for helmets at your disposal.

First, its DOT certified, meaning you won’t have to worry at all about the certifications while enjoying your ride from one place to another comfortably. Secondly, its multi-directional impact protection systems do a great deal in preventing a deadly impact in case you hit something while cruising at a neck breaking speed. It’s there to safeguard you from danger always so you don’t end up suffering. Also, the 11 intake works hand in hand with the 4 exhaust fumes for optimum airflow in and out of the helmet to prevent excess humidity in the helmet that may discomfort to you the rider.





The dual density EPS liner also goes a great length in giving the shell a hardy feel which does not just boost the longevity of the helmet but enhances protection as well. The Shell is made up of composite multiple composite technology which handily facilitates its workability. Its weight of 16 pounds is quite heavier than the rest of the helmets available but if you’re a strong and outgoing youth, biking should be as easy as a dandelion clock is to blow as you’re ready to take on new challenges day after day without the fear of challenges.


      6. Fox V4 Libra Helmet

The Racing V4 Libra Helmet is well designed to give you a rejuvenating ride on your favorite trails. Its Multi-directional Impact Protection system is designed to keep you away from the danger of impacts so you don’t get hurt once things spiral out of hand.




You can actually be the best biker you so desire without overwhelming strains. The 4 Shell and EPS are sizeable for a precise fit of the helmet. In addition to that, the dual density EPS liner offers very much in the way of protection of the helmet so you don’t end up straining.



The comfort Dri-Lex comfort liner enhances the cooling of the helmet by flushing out moisture, enabling you to have a totally great ride. It’s available in a variety of colors, giving you the chance to choose the kind of color you desire. Nonetheless, the helmet’s lightweight of only 4 pounds gives you the chance of having an amazing ride without the weight barrier to slow you down. The Fox V4 Libra helmet undoubtedly deserves your bet, thanks to its top-notch features.


               7.Fox V3 C3PO Limited Edition Helmet

Finally, your wildest imaginations about fox racing are guaranteed, thanks to the Fox Racing V3 C3PO Limited Edition Helmet that works magic owing to its great features. It’s made from multiple composite technology constructions that go a great length in enhancing its workability. The dual density EPS liner is in precise alignment with the intake and exhaust ports for optimum airflow in and out of the helmet.

The soft inner foam is well designed to work with the harder outer foam to harden the energy dispersal forces thereby reducing the impact forces a great deal. Further, the 14 intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents go a great length in enhancing the inflow and outflow of air in the helmet.


With the roundup information, it’s evident that these fox racing helmets are certainly ideal for you. Once you weigh the options, you’ll eventually come up with a final decision on which one will best suit your preferences.





Overall, these motocross helmets are incredibly exceptional.