Dirt Bike Helmets – Best Reviews

Dirt biking is a great way to hop off your monotonous lifestyle and jet right into what you’re truly passionate about. We have prerared the best Dirt Bike helmets reviews for you.

Not only does it strike in a rejuvenating feel into your life, but also cools your nerves as you feel you’re in a totally different world. In fact, once you keep practising regularly, you’ll exceptionally hone your dirt biking craft, escalating it to a whole new level.




However, the sport isn’t totally interesting owing to the strains and sacrifices you need to put in so you don’t fall afoul with the rules.

A blend of on point reflexes and unwavering determination are the ingredients for being a great dirt bike rider worth acknowledgment.

This shouldn’t push you away, though since the passion should surpass the challenges. Also, as adage clearly stipulates that health is wealth, you can’t ignore that indispensable fact.




Good news, you don’t have to fret over that, thanks to the best dirt bike helmets in the market space. Once you make a hasty point of acquiring the best helmet reviews, you’ll hugely reduce the chances of dental injuries. For that reason, you can set yourself free to experiment all the techniques in your mind fearlessly. Here are the best dirt bike helmets reviews.


  1. Bell MX9 Adventure Helmet

The Bell Unisex Adult off Road Helmet is certainly one of the best bets for dirt bike fun. With a five year warranty, rest assured you’ll have the confidence to use it without the worry of getting it damaged at a loss.

The Belle MX9 adventure Helmet flaunts high-quality features to give you a sky-high feel while dirt biking at home or in the street. If you’re a wild biker with a tendency to take a different turn and head straight to an unfriendly trail while biking, then this is the best catch! You can try out all your wild fantasies without worrying once you take a tumble.


With this amazing dirt bike helmet, you’ll securely protect your face with the help of the integrated face shield specifically designed for that very purpose. In addition, the lightweight polycarbonate shell offers very much in the way of mitigating bulk, spiraling comfort into your endeavors. To prevent the upsurge of sweat, the velocity flow ventilation handily saves you the stress by forcing fresh air in and the moist air out. Nonetheless, the cheek pads can be removed and washed to keep excess sweat as well as bacteria out of your way. You can use the pair of goggles by simply flipping the shield so your eyes are safe. It’s certainly ideal.


  1. Fox Racing V1 Race Men’s Helmet


The Fox Racing V1 Men’s Helmet is a great product worth your shot. With its top-notch features, you’ll have a refreshing experience cruising through your favorite trails. To start off, you won’t have to part away with a huge amount of cash since its price is pocket-friendly.



Its polycarbonate shell comes in handy to greatly reduce the overwhelming bulk that may come in the way of your fun. Furthermore, to have a comfortable experience while exercising your biking skills, the 9 intake as 4 exhaust vents come in handy to control the airflow so it doesn’t get extremely hot and intolerable. You won’t get drenched in sweat or get susceptible to the risk of getting infected by the bacteria, causing harm to your health.fox_dirt_bike_helmet_red

In matters legal perspective, you don’t have to fret over any possible inconveniences after failing to keep up with the legal provisions since it highly exceeds the ECE and DOT certifications.


  1. Arai VX Pro-4 Dirt Bike Helmet.

The Arai VX Pro-4 Dirt Bike Helmets swings in a classy feel. Although it’s quite more expensive compared to other dirt bikes in the market arena, it’s worth its status.

You should, therefore, get ready to hand over a huge wad of cash with the assurance of satisfactory recompense when it comes to quality at the end of the day. It has undoubtedly made great strides with advanced features, thanks to the creative designers with a wonderful passion for wheeling out big things. It’s a little bit heavier than Arai VX Pro 3, but if you’re determined, you’ll still have a swift ride.arai_vx-pro-4-Dirt-bike-helmets

Also, it’s sizeable to best suit your interests, thanks to the longer and wider coverage peak. This prevents the extremely high-speed wind that may cause you discomfort. In addition, Arai’s intermediate oval design gives you the opportunity to get more space for your chubby cheeks by effortlessly removing the inner pads. Its shell entails proprietary super fibre with 30 % more strength than fiberglass for better resistance to penetration so you don’t end up gnashing your teeth while cruising at extremely high speed.

This certified helmet is definitely one of the unrivaled helmets around.


  1. Bell Flex Factory Moto-9 off Road Helmet

The Bell Moto-9 off Road Helmet is definitely a force to be reckoned with owing to its unrivaled features of high quality. In fact, while biking your day off, you won’t fear trying out the rotational styles owing to the fact that it’s all possible with this dirt bike helmet. The velocity Flow ventilation system cools off your ride so you may tirelessly go on till you eventually get exhausted.



It’s quick flip visor screws allow adjustments even with gloves on. The light weight of only 5.3 pounds is certainly manageable. The Belk Flex Factory helmet is undoubtedly ideal.


  1. Shoei VFX

The Shoei VFX Helmet is another helmet gracing the market sphere with great features. It’s super lightweight is ideal for your endeavors. Also, it’s available in many graphic colours best suiting your preferences so you have a refreshing experience navigating the biking activities. To begin with, its Dual-Layer EPS Liner offers very much in the way of enabling you have a safe ride since it varies the thickness and density at the main points of the helmets so that the user doesn’t get affected by the shock while riding the bike.



Secondly, it’s made up of the V-430 visor that handily protects the skin from getting scorched by the sun. Its removable and washable mouthpiece prevents roost from finding a way into the mouthpiece so you have a smooth ride. In addition, it has a superb ventilation system which dissipates heat from the head so you don’t feel uncomfortable.

You can have a ride from dawn to dusk without feeling like the sun is hurting. The shell construction does a great deal in distributing weight on the helmet. Once you attain the helmet, rest assured you’ll be granted a five-year warranty in case something goes totally wrong. This helmet is certainly one of the best to go for.


  1. Scorpion VX-34.

Scorpion VX-34 Helmet is a top rated helmet available in the market circles with on-point features that will work in your favour. Its polycarbonate shell makes the helmet a little heavier compared to others, though this doesn’t dispel the fact that it’s solid and can be used. You of course, can’t enjoy your ride without good ventilation.


Scorpion VX-34 Helmet has good vents that do a lot to give you an easy time during your ride so you don’t strain with uncomfortable conditions. The washable and removable liner keeps away bad odour as well as bacteria from the dirt bike. Purchasing this certified helmet is definitely one of the amazingly incredible choices.


  1. Vega Viper Rubber Flat Helmet

The Vega Viper Rubber Flat Helmet is worth your effort since it meets the high ECE 22.05 standards of Europe.

This is the first compelling proof that it’s indeed a high-quality helmet available. It comes in a variety of colours, giving you the opportunity to freely go for what you really need so you don’t miss the mark eventually. In addition, the well-designed vents handily keep off unwanted air so you don’t get distracted while undertaking your activities. The thermoplastic shells for L-2L and XS-M and fibreglass shell sized 3XL-5XL is rated by DOT.





Additionally, the helmet has a spacious port and side traction that are extra-large for the purpose of keeping the goggles in place. This gives you the opportunity to have a clear vision so you don’t end up veering off the path and getting involved in an accident. Further, it’s washable and comfort fit liner goes a great length in protecting you from bacteria while undertaking your biking endeavour.

This high-quality helmet is recommendable following its capacity to give you nothing less than a refreshing experience.


  1. Gmax Gm76 Xenotron Helmet.

The Gmax Gm76 Xenotron Helmet is a wonderful product of GMAX which definitely does a lot to strike comfort into your biking escapades. It’s modernly styled, thanks to the gifted designers who ensure that they wheel out quality products and nothing less. Nonetheless, the jawline offers you comfort so you won’t feel troubled at all. Additionally, with




this bike, ventilations is absolutely not an issue to worry about, thanks to the functional vests that do a great deal in keeping humidity and excessive moist air off your space.

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The spacious ports can accommodate your goggles so you don’t end up straining with dust while cruising at a supersonic speed. Your eyes will be totally safe.


  1. Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade White Off-road Motorcycle Helmet.

If you’re on the lookout for a high quality with top rated designs, then make a hasty point of going for the Bell MX-9 Adventure Barricade White Off-road Motorcycle helmet. Just as its name sounds, it will offer you the opportunity to have a smooth adventurous ride with no challenges. Also, its pocket-friendly price tag saves you the overwhelming trouble of being forced to dig deep into your pockets so you manage to attain them.



It’s good ventilation is definitely a good feature that enables you to ride without reeling under the discomfort problems that leave you drenched in sweat and uneasy while riding.

Also, the peak visor can easily be removed, which proves that this helmet works for both road and off-road purposes very well. Its great design can support any set of goggles you prefer in accordance with your preferences. It’s stylish and hi-tech designs are worth your shot.


  1. HJC FG-X Hammer Off-Road Helmet (Red/White/Black)

The HJC FG-X Hammer off-Road helmet is a great of the dirt bike helmets that comes in to give you a totally refreshing ride. It’s greatly designed with high technology features that offer very much in the way of giving you nothing less than comfort. The ACS’ cool ventilation systems keep you off extreme heat and humidity all through as you cruise through your favourite trails. The silver cool interior does a lot to offer you a cool ride so you don’t struggle at all to make things work on your part.HJC-FG-X_Off_road_dirt _bike_Helmet

In addition, the removable and washable cheek pads are come in different sizes, giving you the freedom to select whichever works best for you in alignment with your size. The HJC Hammer Off-road helmet is worthy your choice owing to the fact that it actually exceeds the D.O.T as well as SNELL standards, deeming it fit for the road purposes. Also, you can fearlessly go in rough roads without the fears of spoiling the dirt bike, thanks to its hardy nature. Its eye port is well designed for accommodating sizeable glasses or goggles to keep dust off your eyes at all times.


  1. O’Neal 3 Series Hurricane Helmet

The O’Neal 3 Series Helmet is a good helmet worth your deliberation if you’re wildly into the dirt bike endeavors. Its long lasting polycarbonate shell goes a great length in boosting its longevity. Also, in matters legality, it’s the ideal choice owing to the fact that it actually surpasses the D.O.T and ECE standards, which makes it acceptable for use without the fear of apprehension at all by the users.

You’ll have a good time without any fears at all.



The detachable and cleanable lining enables you to get rid of moisture so you don’t end up feeling inconvenienced with the slippery feel on your bike.



The super cool numerous air vents facilitate the inflow and outflow of air in your helmet, so you keep cool and dry while biking on your ideal trail. This dirt bike helmet is certainly amazing.


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